Will crypto be discussed at Christmas dinner table? Leveraging our AI model to provide insight

It is one of the hypotheses that pops up every year, during Christmas an uncle tells he will retire because of his crypto gains and FOMO will hit hard. In order to how much truth there is to this we constructed a dataset with randomly selected social media profiles and see if they mention Crypto now (and in what context) and how this evolves during the december month.

The dataset

We randomly selected 778 social media profiles and follow outings over time. Currently about 30 people mention cryptocurrency in their outings. Of those 30 people about 40% is positive, 15% is negative and the remainder is classified as neutral.

The metrics

We used the Narrative-Investing.IO narrative engine to analyse results. This is a proprietary model we developed which can assign topics to outings and classify opinions using machine learning. With this we can measure (amongst other)

  • Exposure - How many people are discussing or mentioning crypto
  • Sentiment - Is this outing positive, negative or neutral
  • Related emotion - What kind of emotion can be assigned to outings


We build an interactive dashboard on which we will share updates at least weekly on: https://narrative-investing.io/reports/narrative_report_Cryptocurrency_poll.html