Narrative-Investing.IO - Bitcoin - 2021-12-01
Key data

Rapport timestamp: 2021-12-01
Analysis period:

Database: crypto_ml
Number analysed messages: 548436
Topic relevant messages: 65300

Number of analysed users: 65
Number of topic relevant users: 59

Twitter: @AlternativeAna2

Narrative-Investing.IO quantitative sentiment report
Report topic: Bitcoin.
This report is based on the Narrative-Investing.IO dataset containing millions of headlines/tweets/social media outlets on financial topics. By leveraging state of the art AI and Machine learning algorithms we can provide insight in to financial narratives.
Find our models position paper (with a background on methodology and use cases) here (pdf)
For a short explanation on the metrics used hover over the respective graphs

For more information or insight in to customized narratives dont hesitate to contact us. Our contact details are on the top left of this report

The graph on the left shows development of various narrative metrics. Hover the chart for a short explanation on metrics. The largest change (decrease) compared to previous week is wgtd sntmnt, which shows average sentiment, weighted by importance of source. This means that the daily average of sentiment (weighted by intensity and importance of source) is becoming more negative.

The first chart on the left show historical development of narrative metrics vs BTC-USD. Click the legend for showing or hiding additional series. This chart gives some insight in to historical movement of narrative series, of which the most recent values are shown in the top middle chart.

The second table shows the betas of narrative metrics vs (lagged) returns of the BTC-USD along with the most recent value. Beta tells how much the BTC-USD on average will change for a change in the respective narrative metric.