Narrative-Investing.IO - market_narratives-^DJI - 2021-08-16
Key data

Rapport timestamp: 2021-08-16
Analysis period:

Number analysed messages: 2357428
Topic relevant messages: 971228

Number of analysed users: 245
Number of topic relevant users: 226

Twitter: @AlternativeAna2

This is the Narrative-Investing.IO report for market_narratives-^DJI.
This report is based on the Narrative-Investing.IO dataset containing millions of headlines/tweets/social media outlets on financial topics. By leveraging state of the art AI and Machine learning algorithms we can provide insight in to financial narratives.

The predictions are made using a RandomForrest classifier. The top middle chart shows current model predictions. The middle left t chart shows historical model predictions to show the fit. Be aware that this includes training data! The mid mid chart shows which narratives are most important in predicting returns. The narratives are plotted in the mid right chart.

Please note that this is not investment advice!

Find more background information in the Reading Guide (pdf)